Trailer for online audio series

A new animation made for the Flying Theatre Company - a trailer for their new audio series 'Astrid investigates'.

The client contacted us early on giving us plenty of time to develop the animation alongside pre-production of the audio series. We began the process with some basic design work for the end logo. It was very important to nail down Astrid's look before animation began:

As you can see, there was a big difference to how we first perceived Astrid to how she looks in the final animation. Fortunately, the director had a very strong vision for the project and gave us very clear notes on the changes needed

The font was also very important for the client so we drafted a few different styles and layouts for them to choose from:

A storyboard was then developed to ensure the client was totally happy before production began :

Client: Flying Bridge Theatre
Storyboarding: Johan Hennius
Illustration: Jack Carroll and Johan Hennius
Animation: Jack Carroll
Music: Tim Baker