12,000 years on the Gwent Levels

Time and Tide - 12,000 years on the Gwent Levels

This animation explores themes of human occupation in South Wales, landscape engineering and natural forces which have combined to create the unique landscape of the Gwent Levels.

The history of the Gwent Levels is deeply intertwined with human occupation, from when they were first explored by Mesolithic hunter gatherers to the creation of sea defences and a mosaic of drainage channels that characterise the modern landscape today.

Time and Tide was an extensive project here at Treetop, losing count of the man-hours as we drew, storyboarded, painted, designed, rigged and animated everything that was required to tell the story of the levels. And lets not mention the render times...

The whole team contributed their expertise and knowledge to make sure we were able to deliver this on time and make it look excellent, the client was thrilled with the animatic work and eventual style that we arrived at to represent the flora and fauna.

Photoshop was used to paint and design all aspects of the project, moving the characters and animals across into After Effects to rig them up using DUIK. Before blocking out, polishing up, and finishing our more technical animations for the project.

All the environments were grouped up and moved into 3D space within Adobe After Effects, giving us great flexibility with the use of 3D Cameras, and the eye-catching parallax effect we sought after.

Time and Tide was one of the most ambitious pieces of work Treetop has had the pleasure of taking on, we’re very proud of the teams hard work and dedication in delivering one of our most exciting animations to date.

The film is scripted by local poet and writer Conor Simmons and narrated by voice actor Bronwen Price.