Support, Protect and Empower

A recent explainer animation made for Safer Wales – independent community safety charity. Safer Wales work to support victims of sexual abuse whilst eradicating sexual exploitation from our world. The main challenge with this project was to create and uplifting and hopeful animation which would not take away from Safer Wales’ pledge. In order to capture the right tone with the designs; we began our process by creating a style frame. This would give both us and our client a solid understanding of the project’s direction. We then used this frame as a guide for the remaining shots, making sure that there was an element of darkness within the light as to not stray from the seriousness of the subject.

When it came to animating, we needed to make sure that we kept the experience visually captivating and smooth. By trying to change the shot around the 3 to 5 second mark, we were able hit the marks from the voiceover with appropriate imagery and motion. All the while keeping the animation quite simple in order to hit our deadline. Once the animation had been approved, we were able to add the finishing touch in the form of a soundtrack composed by Tim Baker! Overall, we were very please with this project. It has been an honour to be able to support and spread the message of a vital cause whilst developing our design and animation.