The hidden danger of energy theft

Tree Top were contacted by the marketing company BH&P to develop and produce an advert for Stay Energy Safe, part of Crimestoppers UK. Their concept involved 2 children playing a game of hide and seek around a cosy and safe looking family home. The game slowly builds in tension and dread until its shocking climax. We helped develop the idea by first producing a storyboard detailing our vision - an overarching style of tighter and higher shots intercut with a ticking meter to drive up the tension.

To achieve this idea successfully, Tree Top assembled its team of multi-skilled creatives and set about with the casting process. Through our regular contact with the Mark Jermin casting agency, we sent a long list of potential candidates from which 2 successful child actors were chosen. Once production was complete, the footage was taken through a rigorous edit to reach the 30-second duration the client required. Delivery of the advert was made 2 months after the initial pre-production meeting and the client was over the moon with Tree Top's overall speed and professionalism throughout the project.